About Us

Intersteelar is a company which started in the field of rolling mill supplies.  Due to our excellent manufacturers which are experts in their respective fields we were soon able to offer additional products which complemented and/or expanded this original product range.  Thus, we are proud to offer some of the finest tungsten carbide rods in the market which are used in the fields of tool manufacturing or milling and mining devices.

Having once started with powder metallurgical products we soon found other applications such as the cardboard industry or metal sheet cutting for which we offer excellent blades.  Now we have dived into the fascinating world of 3D-printing powders which provides our customers with the opportunity to explore new technologies, prototyping and designing models in an unprecedently comfortable and exciting way.

Entrepreneurial responsibility is also a key concern for us.  Thus, we only cooperate with companies which care about such topics as sustainability, environmental protection and renunciation of child labour.  Moreover, we actively support fair salaries and good working conditions