3D-Printing Powders

3D-Printing has become one of the most exciting technologies of our time, having already introduced itself into many fields such as Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Automotive, Design and Mold applications. One of the fascinating aspects of this technology is the complete reversal of the traditional production methods. So far, when machining a conventional complex piece of metal, a lot of machining and chipping is involved, thereby requiring for a lot of excessive material in the beginning to form a smaller piece. Some of these pieces (e.g. cooling ducts in tools) could so far only be produced by excavating the material and closing it again in the end. Therefore, in some applications AM does not only save material but it revolutionizes the current manufacturing processes by changing and facilitating designs and structures. Bionic engineering may serve as one of many examples here. While the printing materials seemed rather limited at its beginning, new materials are slowly edging their way into these fields. Thus, the world of 3D-printing has become more versatile, more promising and more colourful than ever. Please discover the wide range of applications and possibilities with us.