Metal Injection Moulding (MIM)

Metal Injection Moulding, according to DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52900, also belongs to the Additive Manufacturing technologies, subcategory material extrusion (MEX). Therefore, it might be regarded as a special case of AM.
The production idea, however, is a little different: MIM takes a base metal powder and adds up some alloys. After this step binders, namely wax and polymers, are added to create a liquid metal which is then injected into a mould, solidified and gradually debindered in the consecutive sintering process.
Since the method is different, the MIM process also requires different powders than the AM method.

As for the AM section the powders are not standardized nor uniform. Thus, you will always find an interpretation of grades as conceived by the manufacturer producing the powder.
Intersteelar will have your powders created according to your specific needs and requested chemical compositions. Please consult us for more details.