Tungsten Carbide Products

Our tungsten carbide products are produced by Sintering Process. This process comprises the grinding and preparation of virgin tungsten carbide powder which is then mixed with pure Cobalt or mixed binders and turned into a ready-to-press-powder during the granulation process. The powder is then turned into a pressed blank by isostatic pressing. After this the green is HIP-sintered in an oven, fusing the molecules into the final hard metal product but without melting them. This blank is then machined and converted into the finished product, be it rings, rods or blades.
Our manufacturer uses the finest virgin raw materials, boasts state of the art equipment and possesses all required certification for your satisfaction. The quality control is meticulous and so are the documents which can be adapted to your specific needs.

Apart from the binder other factors are decisive for the structure of the hard metal piece, amongst them are: grain size, grain form and distribution, as well as the orientation of the grains. Our grain sizes vary between nano and extra coarse – according to their requested application.

Physical properties of cemented carbide products are basically determined by three factors: density, hardness andTRS (transverse rupture strength).
Denisity is here the ratio of its mass to its volume. It is measured using a water displacement technique. Cemented carbide density decreases linearly with increasing Cobalt content for the WC-Co grades. The hardness is the key factor which determines the material´s ability to resist other objects to be pressed into its surface. Finally, TRS is the ability of the material to resist bending, which is measured at the breaking point of a material in a three-point-bend-test.